Draw Information

The tournament is played as a modified Olympic draw.

In A and B grades, teams are placed into one of 8 sections of 4 teams (Sections A - H) based on their seeding from previous year's finishing position.  All teams play each other in their respective sections.

At the end of Round 1 teams move into a second section - Round 2.

The 'top half' (sections Z - W) are made up of teams placing first or second in their Round 1 section.

 The 'bottom half' (sections S - V) are teams placing third or fourth in their Round 1 section.  

Again, teams all play each other.

Teams who finish TOP of their Round 2 sections progress to semi-finals to play off for places 1 to 4; - teams finishing second progress to playoffs for places 5 to 8 - teams finishing third progress to playoffs for places 9 to 12 - teams finishing fourth progress to playoffs for places 13 to 16.​

The same structure  is applied to the bottom half of the draw for places 17 to 32.

C Grade Draw Information​​​​​​​

The C Grade draw is a modification of the A and B grade draw depending on the number of teams that enter. This varies from year to year. 

 Further clarification regarding the C Grade draw structure will be available after entries close.