2024 Tournament

The Tournament in 2024 will be held in Christchurch and for the first time it will be held indoors in Christchurch. 

The tournament will be held from Monday 2 September -  Thursday 5 September 2024 at Ngā Puna Wai indoor stadium.

21 Augustine Drive, Aidanfield, Christchurch.


Steps to register a team

Schools will register a team the same as they would register a team to play Netball through Sporty. 

The school must first be affiliated with SISSNA. If you have not affiliated, please complete this form.

1. Log into Sporty

Each school has their own Sporty site.

Click Admin Login from the bottom of the page for your school. 

If you are a new user, you can be invited to have access to your Sporty site by following this support article.

2. Access TeamBuilder

Once you are logged in, go to your Dashboard on the top left of the page, then click the TeamBuilder ​​​​​​​tile.

3. Enter a Team into the SISSNA Tournament

Click Competition: SISSNA Tournament to enter a team into the tournament. This is the same as you would regularly when entering a team into a Netball competition.

Under the grade you want to enter a team into, click + Add Team.

Complete all fields on the Team Entry form to enter your team. You will be sent a confirmation email upon submission.

Your team will appear under the grade it has been entered into once submitted.

4. Register your Players

To register your players click into the team then click COPY LINK. 

Paste this link directly into any form of communication used to reach your team members so that they can register directly to your team. Or you can manually add players.

CONGRATULATIONS, your team has now been entered and players will appear as they register to team. 


Once you have completed this form you then need to export/download a copy. Please get your Principal to sign and date a copy of this form. This then needs to be scanned and returned to chchsiss2024@gmail.com

This form will be used as an alternative to the team roster form used in the past. If you prefer you can also use this template and then scan and send through.  Team roster form