Sporty Update

We have made some changes this year so registration is done through sporty but through your own entry process rather than completing a separate form. This allows the organsing committee access to players online and to ensure teams are directly entered into the draw programme.

Information on how to register can be found here

We will also be using the scoring app instead of score cards. This means you need your scorer code specific to your team.

In order to get this managers need to log into TeamBuilder - SISS Netball Registration (SISS Netball Association Inc) (2024) and click onto their team in the grade they are playing. When they click into the team, then the team details are listed and  specific team scorer code is displayed. This can then be shared with those in each team who will be responsbile for scoring.

Many teams are already used to this through Netball centres. The scorers for each team will need to have access to a phone in order to score on the sideline.

Game Day App Information

Click here to read how to user this.